The 14th Windiest State (rjwhite) wrote,


Hey, Sixers! What kind of crazy entertainment do you have for your home opener tonight, now that you sort of got screwed by the fact that the 2nd half of game 5 of the World Series will have everyone's attention?

"Tonight at The Show"

Good, good, remind people that it is a show, of sorts...

"Sixers Giveaways"

Nice! Free stuff always brings 'em in!

"All Sixers Fans in attendance will receive Rally Towels compliments of KIA Motors as they enter and Sixers Magnetic Schedules compliments of Toyota as they exit."

Alright... okay, sure- scehdules for the fridge. Remind them there's still another 81 games. Good move, build the anticipation. And rally towels- as long as the ink from the Kia logo doesn't come off and enrash people, you're good.

"In-Game Entertainment"

Alright, now, here we go! First game of the season, bring the 'A' game! Make it a spectacle! Make it memorable!

"1/2 QTR Break: Hip-Hop & the Hare Raisers Dunk Show"

Oh. The scary rabbit guy? Well... yeah, he's the mascot and people like to see the dunks as well as they like a good dinger, so sure. Okay, yeah. No, this works- it's a primer, really get them all worked up for the halfti-

"Halftime: Human Slinky"

... I... um... what.

"3/4 QTR Break: Carvel Tricycle Race"

Oh, Sixers.

How about something more fun? Maybe hire some clowns to come in for the-

"Next Home Game: Knicks vs Sixers"

There we go!
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