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*a matter of trust*

This weekend, I read about some oddly specific funds and trusts administered by Philadelphia, up until (at least) 1963 and thought- hey, there's a good thing to borrow that will be dry and weird and probably not at all funny. In other words, perfect for...

An example-
:: Up until 1961, members of the police department’s vice squad would receive a $1 bonus for every piece of “lascivious material printed of an immoral and/or titilating nature seized and destroyed,” thanks to the wealthy morals of one James L. Roosevelt. The $900,000 trust was endowed in 1956. Due to the extra pay involved, the squad was very zealous in its enforcement activities (in one memorable raid, city newsstands were even stripped of copies of National Geographic), exhausting the fund in only five years. In the last 48 years, such material has been easy to find around town.

There you go. Monday.

There was also a new photo piece about private cops on Friday.


( says you )
( says you )