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*in which i go on about buying an unncessary thing*

So- they have these new video-game devices, apparently. Hadn't really considered one seriously, then the bastards called my bluff by deciding to release a Ghostbusters game, then, an awesome Batman game. Long, long ago on here, I asked after folks' advice on which system I should purchase. Still, though, it's something I kept considering and considering and considering, I'm sure to the annoyance of people who had to hear me go on about it forever. To me, it was a pretty big purchase and I didn't want to pull the trigger without thought.

It was still on the side burner, until recently, I inadvertantly sold a photo-graph to a national magazine (more on this later in the month, hopefully). I could either take the scratch, hide it away in my house for the September bank holiday (Wha? Really, conspiracy people?) or use it to get one of these newfangled devices.

I went with the PS3, for the following reasons:

- The capacity, size and power consumption of the recently-released PS3 Slim
- Inclusion of WiFi (It's an extra cost for the adapter on the XBox, or I'd have had to reworked the way I have the internet hooked up in my house)
- BluRay player (So the device can be enjoyed by the entire household. A surprisingly adjustable Netflix plan now has BluRay discs coming at the same cost as before)
- Don't need to buy gift cards every few months to use multiplayer capacity
- The RROD on the XBox (Yes, I know they've made great strides, but it's still out there- an inherent design flaw with which Microsoft still released the thing)
- Easily swappable hard drive, just in case
- No complaints with the venerable old PS2 (traded for a bottle of wine with tawdryjones) over the years

Now- the main downside is that there are many folks I know who have the other system, so I can't join them to shoot each other in the face. But, I'm happy with my purchase. It was crazy- last night, I was on a fake video game rooftop shooting and trapping ghosts with people from who the heck knows where and the other night, I was stealthily taking down goons in Arkham Asylum. I AM IN THE FUTURE. Though, it took me three days of being annoyed with the short USB controller cable before I finally realized that the controller is wireless. I AM ALSO CONFUSED BY THE FUTURE, APPARENTLY.

Also- non technologically, I am reading the book Nixonland and it is fascinating and wonderful and depressing.
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